Mediability Bridge

Mediability Bridge - a new community of expert media professionals

For our global operations, we have a portfolio of experienced and talented professionals from the broadcast and online market, ready to help you solve your creative or technical challenges.

During a technology sales pitch, you will see amazing video examples from top broadcasters who use the same technology as the vendor is offering you. You buy the system with trust and optimistic ambitions! However, the training your staff receive can often be quite basic.

6 months later you:

  • are not using the equipment as planned
  • the quality of the output falls well short of the examples you saw
  • your staff do not have the skills to move to the next level and there are no local trainers.
Does this sound familiar to you? This is where Mediabillity Bridge, with our system integrations expertise, broadcast workflows experience, and coaching and training skills can help you. We fill the gap between your systems status today and what is possible, ensuring full return on your investments, proper knowledge-transfer within your organisation, and the best use of your technology and systems. Rather than just do it all for you, our intention is to build the skills and experience of your own staff, so they can take the expensive technology to a new level.
We work with trusted and highly-experienced talent from top broadcasters and can review your workflows and technology and provide creative or technical services, as well as workflow consultancy and and training.

Our process

To help you maximise the usage of your systems and reach your goals, we will typically follow a 3 step process:


  • Where are you now & where do you want to be?
  • What are the causes of the problems you are facing?
  • Resources: do you have the right skilled personnel + hardware + software to do it?
  • What is the status of your current infrastructure and 3rd-party technology?
  • Does the workflow need to be adjusted to provide an ideal result?
  • Are your staff sufficiently skilled and motivated to improve?tly skilled and motivated to improve?


  • Reporting of the status quo for your systems workflows, integration points, setup and usage
  • Describing the problem(s) in detail
  • Listing what needs to be improved, removed, and/or upgraded to meet your objectives ctives

Recommending and executing

  • Changes to infrastructure & systems, if needed
  • Implementing (free) upgrades
  • Re-configurations
  • Adjust operational workflows to make the most of these changes
  • Deploy experts to train and mentor staff from basic to advanced level to optimise the effect of changes

Examples of our expertise

Creative development and training services

  • Virtual studio sets and AR graphics and studio optimisation
  • Graphics templates for sports, news, entertainment & channel branding
  • Real-time maps and GPS data overlays, weather forecasts
  • Creation of data-driven graphics for elections, sports and business
  • Social media graphics & live web-streaming
  • Control applications, web servers & touchscreens
  • NLE training


  • Engineering health-check, testing, review, advice
  • Studio Lighting improvements & training
  • Chroma-keyer training
  • VR/AR studio director training
  • Vision mixer training and working with studio automation
  • Special Events (e.g. elections) project management
  • Presenter training – interviewing, driving video walls, confidence
  • Virtual studio operations training & lens calibration
  • Mobile phone and LiveU ENG training
  • Online storytelling and using analytics data
  • TV Journalist training – using modern technologies
  • Motion capture services
  • MAM optimisation
  • Promo creation and automated broadcast delivery
  • Support engineers training and best-practice in-house maintenance procedures

These are just typical examples. We have many other experts in all kinds of engineering, audio, playout, news and sports disciplines.  So if you have a frustration and would like some help or advice, just let us know.

Benefits of Mediability Bridge

  • Mediability is a reputable and  trusted provider of high-tech media services and solutions
  • Provides new access to many experienced, skilled professionals
  • Problems are reviewed, a solution recommended and implementation agreed
  • Mediability can solve those problems, or you can use others – no commitment
  • For just one specific problem, an experienced specialist can fix it
  • Projects are usually short-term and can be delivered at a fixed price or a day rate
  • Your own staff will be trained to a high level so they will continue to improve
  • Reduced dependency on 3rd parties – more in-house innovation and motivation
  • Supported and encouraged by both product and system vendors


Contact us today for a discussion of how we can help you!

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