Mediability AS was founded in the summer of 2016 when Avit-Systems, Mediateket and Video 4 were gathered into one group with Atlantis Vest, the Norwegian Rieber family’s investment company, and the founders of Mediateket AS, Gro Setereng and Jørgen Scheel, as the majority owners, along with other key employees in the group.

All companies have been providers of equipment, solutions and services to the Scandinavian media production market for years. The three combined represented one of the largest vendors within media production solutions in Scandinavia, with a total revenue of approximately NOK 300 mill in 2015.

In Fall 2016, former Video4 and AVIT-Systems were merged in all Scandinavian countries, under the new names; Mediability Norway, Mediability Sweden and Mediability Denmark. Mediateket remained as a separate unit and became a purebred independent consultancy company, changing its name to Mediateket Consulting. Early 2017, Mediability Services, a separate unit focusing on running various services, was established.

Our system integration and support specialists have broad knowledge of the latest industry trends, and can offer a wide range of services to help you solve your challenges. We offer products, system design, integration, installation, support, consultancy and hosted services.

Mediability offers solutions for field or studio recording, post-production, storage, archives, media asset management, streaming and playout. We can also help establish good routines for modern file-based workflow throughout the production process, both within the traditional media industry and within other industries utilizing video and moving pictures in part of their value chain

Product delivery

Mediability delivers a broad range of video, broadcast and production equipment to customers in many countries. We represent many of the leading industry brands and producers and offer solutions across most price ranges for recording, post-production, playout, distribution and much more besides.

System delivery

Mediability’s long experience in building well-functioning system within the media market allows us to deliver solid ready-made solutions for the recording, production and transmission of sound and video. We are an important player in and partner to the TV trade, with many years of experience in design, technology, and service for the broadcast technology industry. Our media system experience has also been utilized within other industries, as for instance oil & gas, education, surveillance, health etc. The systems we build can either be purchased, rented or provided as a service (see Mediability Services).


Mediability’s staff of more than 70 people spread across Scandinavia provide valuable and wide-ranging knowledge to many different customers. In addition to providing products, equipment, and system solutions, we offer support services, SLA-agreements, maintenance and follow-up. Support department currently comprises in all three countries.


Some services may require as much expertise that it is not possible or appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses to take care of daily operations, surveillance, and maintenance, thus providing flexibility and capasity in their every day operations. Mediability provides setup, operation and monitoring of, among other things, Media Conversion (Business to Business workflow), Quality Control and Storage (backup) for several media companies, so that customers can purchase a level of service they want, without having to make large investments.


We provide a wide range of consultancy services directed towards media and production related areas, such as architecture, workflow analysis, requirements capture, project management and development. We have consultants with deep technical and operational knowledge and with experience from both smaller and larger projects. Either on a stand-alone basis or as part of larger more general consultancy constellations where we represent the media expertise.