Amedia is now streaming all the PostNord league matches live to anyone subscribing to one of their 65 local papers.

Monday Production AS is responsible for the week-to-week production, while Mediability has delivered technical solutions and continues to offer support.


The new technology making it possible

This is the largest number of football matches with commentary that Amedia has ever been streaming live. The PostNord league, Norway’s male football second division, comprises 28 teams from the whole of the country.

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14 matches are played every week. For Amedia it would not be possible to cover this number of matches using an ordinary production solution, with multiple cameras and large outside broadcast busses.

“The solution has been using a Sony camera and LiveU Solo combo, delivered by Mediability,” explains Pål Nordås, head of production at Monday Production AS.

“This allows us to stream live action and commentary in high definition to any of Amedia’s local online services, at an affordable price with a skeleton crew.”


Massive logistic challenge

“Covering and streaming so many different matches each week is a huge logistic and administrative challenge. We have been working hard to find the right people in the right places and getting them to where they need to be,” explains Pål Nordås.

Monday Production are responsible for the central TV coverage of the league, and also supply camera operators and necessary equipment to many of the matches.

Other matches are covered by journalists and camera operators from the local Amedia titles.


Two-person teams

The undertaking has been made possible because camera and streaming technology now allows for high quality coverage by very small crews.

Each match is covered by a two-person team, comprising a camera operator and a commentator. The commentator has access to production tools like instant repeats and slow motion.

“The LiveU Solo unit has been a crucial part of making this work,” says Stian Nilssen at Mediability, which has delivered the entire technological solution to Monday Production.

“It is a very compact box which can be easily worn by the camera operator, and will stream live video via 3 or 4G, Wifi and Ethernet. It uses LiveU Reliable Transport, a protocol which allows it to deliver reliable, high definition video without a hitch,” says Nilssen.


Compact, affordable and easy to use

LiveU Solo works on any platform, and runs equally well on YouTube Live, Facebook, Wowza Streaming Cloud and many others.

“To us it was important to find a solution which was at once compact, reliable, affordable and easy to use for all the freelancers which are also helping us make this massive undertaking happen,” says Pål Nordås at Monday Production.


The production company has solid experience with major outside broadcast productions of various sports events, including the Norwegian premier league and 1st division. But this is their first foray into live streaming of matches.

“We have had great support from Mediability throughout this process to get the best possible results using the system,” says Pål Nordås.


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