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  • Live streaming solutions for public, corporate and organisations
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  • Cameras and A/V gear
  • Portable A/V solutions
  • Video conferencing

Today, unique video content is not just produced and published by TV stations and online broadcasters, but from local newspapers, sports clubs, police stations, fire brigades, your local municipality and county, your bank, and your car manufacturer. They all share a common denominator: the need for creating and sharing digital video content.

Newspapers produce unique local content that is streamed live on their websites. Local football- and handball teams stream their games and tournaments online. Fire brigades, police, military and rescue services enhance situational awareness by streaming live footage back to their headquarters, and car manufacturers regularly stream live to their global dealerships. All with equipment and smart solutions offered by Mediability.

Reference cases with NewTek solutions

Your live coverage of a handball tournament can look like this, with a ready-made rig from Mediability and with a video streaming solution from LiveU, offered as a leasing package from us.

A live streaming rig includes cameras, live streaming devices and optional graphics packages, that can be used for stand-alone events or moved around from event to event. Our expert team are also ready to help you getting started, with training staff and will support you during your live events.

With our LiveU offering we deliver solutions for

  • Live event coverage
  • Press conferences
  • Mobile broadcast
  • Online streaming, and more

Reference cases with LiveU solutions

Live Streaming solution for Monday Production and their delivery of 364 simultaneous live football match streams for AMedia. Read more here.

Streaming solution for live coverage of the Norwegian Holmenkollstafetten. Read more here

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Image of NewTek


With our strategic partner NewTek we offer complete solutions for public, corporate and organizations for:

  • Press conference video communications
  • Conferences live streaming
  • Building brand and business through video
  • In-house video production and delivery
  • Live streaming of meetings
  • Video marketing

With our NewTek offering we deliver solutions for:

  • Capturing full HD video content with smart and portable equipment and the NewTek NDI® technology that allows for camera, video, audio, tally, control—and even power—traveling over a single Ethernet cable
  • Live and on-demand video
  • Live video streaming
  • Wifi video capture and more
  • NDI-compatible graphics templates


Reference cases with NewTek solutions

Studio-in-a box solution for multi-camera production over NDI for Screen Media. Read more here

Multi-campus production and live streaming from University of Agder. Read more here.

See our video from the build-up and first demo event with NewTek in Media City Bergen here.

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Video streaming leasing solutions

Mediability are a reseller and partner of all leading A/V vendors in the market, as well as vendors of live streaming solutions, video production, content management and storage solutions.

See our partners overview here with the technology partners we work closely with and our preferred vendors.

We have worked closely with companies like NewTek and LiveU for our offering for public, corporate and organisations for many years, and have extensive knowledge of what solutions fits our customer needs.

Our offer

  • Equipment and infrastructure as installations on-premise
  • Leasing offerings
  • Cloud solutions

For customers in need of booking resources, both staff and equipment; for a live coverage, a sports tournament, or other, we offer ready-made packages that can be leased for a short or longer period.

All of our projects are delivered with service and support packages, fitting your needs. We also have a team of consultants who can help you get started, by training your staff, or we can help with executing your live productions, if you need extra experienced resources.

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