AJA HA5-12G-T-ST HDMI 2.0 to 12G-SDI Converter

HDMI 2.0 to 12G-SDI Converters

Converts HDMI 2.0 to 12G-SDI for 4K/Ultra HD single link outputs and includes 12G ST Fiber connectivity for transporting signals over long distances.


AJA HA5-12G-T_ST Features

  • Convert HDMI 2.0b up to 4K 60p to 12G-SDI with a second mirrored output
  • Includes a single channel Fiber 12G ST transmitter, which extends 12G-SDI signals over long distances (10 km Single Mode)
  • HA5-12G-T-ST ships with FiberST-1T-12G SFP installed
  • Support for up to 60p input at 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0
  • HDMI EDID Emulation
  • Two Sample Interleave (2SI) 4K/UHD source mapping
  • Analyzes HDR Infoframe data coming in over HDMI in accordance with HDMI v2.0b/CTA-861-G
  • HDR Infoframe decoder as defined in CTA-861-G and HDMI v2.0b
  • Embedded audio can be selected from the HDMI or Analog audio inputs
  • The Lock LED adjacent to the HDMI input connector indicates by color the detected signal type. Off is no signal, Green is SD-SDI, Red is HD-SDI, Amber is 3G-SDI, Purple is 6G-SDI, and Blue is 12G-SDI.
  • Uses 5-16 VDC power (DWP-U-R1 universal power supply included)
  • USB port used with Mini-Config software application to configure the device via PC/Mac
  • Covered by five year warranty and AJA’s advanced replacement policy


Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from AJA

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