Enkel flerkameraproduksjon for live streaming

Alt du trenger for flerkamera produksjon!

Stream live til Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch eller online med et enkelt og rimelig flerkamera oppsett.

Vi har satt sammen en pakke med alt du trenger for å produsere live og se profesjonell ut!

Ta gjerne kontakt med oss dersom du har egne preferanser på kamera, lyd, etc. Vi hjelper deg gjerne! Kontakt oss på sales@mediability.com for tilbud. 

Ordinær pris: NOK 45 957-

Pakkepris: NOK 41 361.-*

*Valutakorrigering kan forekomme



Kom i gang med flerkamera produksjon med et enkelt og effektivt oppsett! 

Flerkamera pakke for streaming til web, Facebook og YouTube.  Vi hjelper deg i gang med vår alt-du-trenger pakke og kan også bistå med installasjon og opplæring ved behov!

Alt-du-trenger pakken inkluderer:

1 x Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro for miksing, opptak og mer
1 x Blackmagic Video Assist 7 3G for monitorering og opptak
3 x Marshall CV506 kamera
1 x Joby Gorillapod 325 mini tripod
2 x Marshall CVM-16
1 x Marshall CVM 20 monteringsarm
3 x Blackmagic Micro Converter BiDirect SDI/HDMI wPSU
3 x Draka 10m HD 0.8L/3.7Dz BNC-BNC flex
1 x Sandisk Minneskort SDXC Extreme Pro 128GB 170MB/s UHS-I V30 U3 C10
4 x Kramer HDMI 4K High-Speed HEC – 0,3 m Flex
1 x iiglo USB C kabel 1m

Spesifikasjon (fra produsentene)

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is a new low cost live production switcher that can record, stream and monitor video. ATEM Mini Pro includes a new hardware streaming engine to allow direct streaming via Ethernet to YouTube Live, Facebook and Twitch.

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is fast to set up and easy to use. It includes 4 standards converted HDMI inputs, USB webcam out, HDMI out, Fairlight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, DVE for picture in picture, transition effects, green screen chroma key, 20 stills media pool for titles and free ATEM Software Control. ATEM Mini Pro also includes direct recording to USB flash disks in H.264 and direct streaming via Ethernet to YouTube Live and more. There’s also a multiview with 4 cameras, media, preview and program plus status of recording, streaming and audio.

Les mer om Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro på vår produktside her. Se spesifikasjon fra produsent her.

Blackmagic Video Assist 7 3G

  • 7 inch 1920 x 1200 screen
  • HDMI & 3G-SDI Video Inputs/Outputs
  • Remote control

Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 3G is a portable monitor, a professional recorder, a portable scope and a fantastic camera viewfinder solution! You can also add better quality record codecs and a larger monitor to any SDI or HDMI camera! The new design has innovations such as 4 built in scopes, enhanced focus assist features, a tally indicator and built in 3D LUTs. The Video Assist 7” 3G support formats up to 1080p60 and the new design also has L-Series batteries for longer life. Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 3G really is 4 products in one!

Les mer om Blackmagic Video Assist 7 3G på vår produktside her. Se spesifikasjon fra produsent her.

Marshall CV506

Sample Clips “LIVE from Las Vegas” UFC Weigh-in by INERTIA UNLIMITED:

The Marshall CV506-H12 is built for capturing high-speed action for detailed, high-definition slow-motion video.

  • HDMI output
  • 2 Megapixel (1/2.8″) Sony sensor (4:2:2)
  • Interchangeable M12 Prime Lenses (3.6mm, 72° H. AOV)
  • HD (Progressive): 1080p / 720p @ 120, 100, 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24 fps
  • HD (Interlaced): 1920 x 1080i @ 60, 59.94, 50 fps

The Marshall CV506-H12 is built for capturing high-speed action for detailed, high-definition slow-motion video but also able to deliver 60fps for clear crisp fast paced action. The CV506-H12 uses a 2-Megapixel, 1/2.8-inch sensor with HDMI output to capture crisp video images in progressive HD and interlace HD resolutions, and has frame rates that go all the way up to 120 fps in 1080p/720p for detailed HD slow-motion playback.

The CV506-H12 can be controlled through RS485 (Visca) and has a range of adjustable image settings including paint (red/blue), white balance, exposure, gain, pedestal (black), gamma, shutter and more. The M12 lens mount can be used with fixed prime or varifocal lens options, and the lightweight, small footprint build enables it to be placed easily into tight, hard-to-reach locations for unique angles and viewpoints.

The CV506-H12 is among the first additions to Marshall’s latest generation of compact and miniature cameras utilizing a fully redesigned body style and form factor. Special attention has been given to enhance durability in the field with the addition of new structural ‘wings,’ designed to give greater protection to rear connectors during use.

Les mer om Marshall CV506 på vår produktside her. Se spesifikasjon fra produsent her.

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