Grass Valley Kaleido-MX 4K



The Kaleido-MX 4K is the latest addition to the Kaleido family of multiviewers, and it offers stunningly beautiful, seamless 4K pictures (without visible quadrants) for monitoring on large 4K screens. Kaleido-MX 4K is an ultra high-definition multiviewer that can natively drive a 4K display for the most demanding monitoring applications. Available in four configurations for up to 64 SD/HD or 3G inputs, the Kaleido-MX 4K is perfect for high-end in-studio TV productions, outside broadcast trucks, as well as playout facilities.


Choice of Configuration

  • 16 inputs x 1 UHD output (1 RU)
  • 32 inputs x 1 UHD output (3 RU)
  • 48 inputs x 1 UHD output (3 RU)
  • 64 inputs x 1 UHD output (3 RU)

Uncompromised I/O Capabilities

  • Up to 64 inputs 3G/HD/SD SDI formats
  • Quad-link 3 Gb/s output or HDMI 2.0 output at 3840×2160 @59.94/50p

Unmatched Image Quality and Layout Flexibility

  • Unmatched multiviewer picture quality and superior on-screen graphics
  • Ultimate level of layout flexibility, with unlimited signal repetition and sizing across all displays, without blocking, grouping restrictions or bandwidth restrictions
  • Display up to 128 images (64 unique) on a 4K UHD display

Router and Switcher Integration

  • Kaleido-MX 4K offers rich integration with the NVISION router family and Grass Valley’s Kayenne/Karrera production switchers
  • Supports third-party routers and production switchers for tally and labels

Robust and Serviceable Design

  • Unique Auto-Recovery feature provides fast automated recovery after a “cold” spare is inserted into the frame
  • Hot swappable modules and power supplies
  • 1 RU and 3 RU frame models with quiet cooling

Seamless Control Across Multiple Multiviewers

  • Kaleido multiviewers can be “mixed-and-matched” to create a seamless monitoring system across a facility
  • Choice of multiple control options such as standalone Kaleido-RCP2/RCP-200 panels, integrated with router control systems and panels, iControl and third-party control systems

Scalable for the Largest Systems

  • Virtually limitless multiviewer system expansion with upstream NVISION router
  • Create combined multiviewer/router system with up to 1,152 video inputs, 72 UHD multiviewer outputs

Advanced Probing and Alarming

  • Closed captioning and teletext subtitling display and alarming to ensure compliance with regulation, includes XDS and AFD
  • Software licensable Dolby E metadata extraction for metering and content alarming without the need of expensive hardware decoders
  • Sophisticated on-screen alarm displays for clear operator alerts, supporting multicolor and blinking statuses based on severity, latching and status

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