Grass Valley Kaleido-X



Kaleido-X multiviewers offer the finest picture quality, unmatched display configuration flexibility and exceptional resilience. Ideal for applications demanding high picture counts per display and total non-blocking flexibility, Kaleido-X is available in two frames — up to 96 inputs and 8 multiviewer outputs (7 RU), or up to 32 inputs and 4 multiviewer outputs (4 RU). With its advanced metadata extraction, signal probing and alarming capabilities, Kaleido-X excels in master control and headend environments. When integrated with routers, Kaleido-X enables very large and versatile monitoring systems.


Unmatched image quality

  • Unmatched multiviewer picture quality and superior on-screen graphics, for the most critical monitoring applications

Highly resilient

  • Frames designed to avoid a single point of failure, and include hot swappable cards and PSUs. Unique Auto-Recovery feature provides fast automated recovery after a “cold” spare card is inserted in the frame

Advanced metadata extraction, probing and alarming

  • Integral metadata extraction, signal probing and on-screen alarms. Metadata extraction includes closed captioning/teletext and AFD/WSS, as well as Dolby E (dialnorm, program configuration and audio level meters)

Layout flexibility

  • Ultimate level of layout flexibility, with unlimited signal repetition and sizing across all displays, without blocking or grouping restrictions

Multiroom oriented

  • A single Kaleido-X multiviewer can be used to share sources across multiple rooms, with fully independent displays and control panels. Multiroom display layouts can be prepared easily with the XEdit software

Seamless control across multiple multiviewers

  • Kaleido-X multiviewers can be “mixed-and-matched” with other Kaleido multiviewers to create a seamless monitoring system across a facility, and this can deliver exceptional cost, space, and power efficiency

Triple rate performance with stereoscopic 3D support

  • 3G/HD/SD/Composite performance with stereoscopic 3D support (dual link 1.5 Gb/s, SMPTE ST 292)

Router integration

  • Kaleido-X offers rich integration with the NVISION router family, and third-party routers, to allow expansion up to 1,152 video inputs and 96 multiviewer outputs

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