New camera from Grass valley - LDX 100

Grass Valley LDX 100

Grass Valley LDX 100 is a high-speed, native UHD camera built specifically for the rigors of IP-connected workflows, such as Remote/At-Home Production


Grass Valley LDX 100

Designed to reveal in detail the intensity and emotion behind fast-paced action and split-second decisions, LDX 100 NativeIP cameras use a new 2/3-inch Titan imager to capture Ultra High Definition (UHD) High Dynamic Range (HDR) images at 3X high speed. That’s a lot of “high” functionality in one description, but that’s what you should expect from Grass Valley’s new flagship camera platform.

Just as compelling as its image capture capabilities is the camera’s redefinition of signal distribution. Born a network native, the camera is a self-contained IP endpoint with up to 100 Gb/s IP network connections for audio, video, and control directly at the camera head that enable distribution of camera sources wherever they are needed on the network — without the delays inherent in sending signals to a separate control hub.

New topologies are possible for signal acquisition and distribution. LDX 100 eliminates the requirement for traditional SDI interconnects, thereby enabling a high level of distribution flexibility including true REMI integration that requires less bandwidth because only the needed signals are transmitted. Efficiency also goes up as multiple creative teams have immediate, non-conflicting access to all camera sources wherever it’s best for them to work. Collaborative production has never been easier.

LDX 100 cameras offer feature sets that everyone on the team will appreciate.


  • New camera platform designed for extension into the future
  • UHD HDR images at 3X high-speed
  • Simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution
  • All-in-one camera with no separate base station required thanks to NativeIP
  • Fastest time to deploy and configure
  • Extensive operator training not required
  • At-a-glance settings and diagnostics for immediate status recognition
  • Software update and reconfiguration of licenses and settings (if required) in less than 7 minutes
  • Field-tested rugged and reliable
  • Suite of inventory management features
  • Quickly align camera configuration to production requirements for superior cost management
  • Field-replaceable SFP/QSFP

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from Grass Valley.

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