Grass Valley Sirius 800 Series



The enterprise level Sirius 800 series of routers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, offer multiformat, expandable routers with exceptional performance, flexibility and reliability. Offering a range of frame options from 288×288 up to 1152×1152 and beyond with I/O options including SDI, AES, MADI, 12G-SDI 4K UHD and support for both 40 and 50 GbE SMPTE 2110 IP interfaces.

The Sirius 800 benefits from advanced hybrid processing (AHP) integrating functionality that would otherwise require extensive external modular infrastructure, including audio processing, frame synchronization, clean and quiet switching, video and audio delay and audio sample rate conversion. AHP also includes input embedding with no external loopbacks; a unique, innovative technology from Grass Valley, which typically delivers 30% more usable ports for a given frame size.



  • Embedded, SMPTE ST 2110, MADI, AES3
  • Take audio from any input type from AES3 to 12G
  • Route to any output

Embedding on Inputs

  • Internal loop back of audio
  • Build new audio channel sets from incoming embedded audio, and routed audio from any other source

True Monitoring

  • Monitor router inputs and
  • outputs
  • 4 channels from every card, independently routable to 4 monitoring outputs

MV-840 & MV-850 Multiviewers

  • Replace any or all output cards with MV-840 or MV-850 multiviewer cards
  • 576 SDI outputs PLUS 144 multiviewer outputs to monitor any input or output signal

Any SDI Format, any Frame Rate

  • 4 internal timing planes — derived from a single reference input or separate references
  • Maintains accurate switching for multiformat and multi frame-rate operations

Asynchronous Audio

  • Fully asynchronous audio routing from any input to any output
  • Discrete audio sample rates are maintained from input to output

MV-800 Multiviewers

  • Additional multiviewers monitor any input — 140 scalers to 36 multiviewer outputs
  • Plus low-bandwidth streamed versions for remote monitoring over IP

Intelligent Embedding

  • Auto detection of the input format will de-embed from any format automatically
  • Auto synchronizing embedding will embed audio from un-synchronized sources with no audio loss

Exceptional Multiviewer Capacity

Multiviewer Function Capacity per Router
Sirius 830 Sirius 840 Sirius 850 Sirius 850 Dual
MV-800 48×12 multiviewer 2
24 outputs
36 outputs
24 outputs
48 outputs
MV-830 12 multiviewer outputs from
24 SDI inputs and 24 SDI outputs
144 outputs
MV-840 48 SDI router outputs plus
12 multiviewer outputs from 48 SDI outputs
144 outputs
MV-850 48 SDI router outputs plus
12 multiviewer outputs from 48 SDI outputs
144 outputs
288 outputs

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