Grass Valley Vega Routing Switchers



The Vega router series is a powerful suite of routers that delivers superior functionality at price points that suit broadcasters’ and media organizations’ budgets for small to mid-size applications. The family is divided into the Vega 10 Series, the Vega MV Series and the Vega 100 Series. They offer different physical interfaces that are all simple to configure and because all the models are easy to install, choosing the appropriate model for your routing needs is never difficult.

Even if you’re a novice in the field, Vega’s simple design makes the routers straightforward and easy to operate. The Vega range has extensive redundancy options with dual redundant crosspoints, frame controllers, power supplies and fans. Future-proof and adaptable, the Vega suite is also equipped to handle 4K UHD as standard, to give users a simple transition when moving to 4K UHD.


All Vega Family Routers

  • Video routing with clean quiet switching technology, for smooth fade program transitions
  • Hybrid audio routing with de-embedding, embedding and discrete audio
  • MADI audio inputs and outputs
  • Unique input embedding capability
  • Line synchronizers
  • Integrated multiviewer
  • Web configuration

Vega 30 – Small Fixed

  • Powerful processing
  • Fast configuration
  • 4K UHD ready
  • Space saving, small form factor
  • Cost-efficient

Vega MV Series (16/32)

  • Powerful processing
  • Fast configuration
  • 4K UHD ready
  • Space saving, small form factor
  • Cost-efficient
  • Integrated multiviewer for easy monitoring
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Alarm for fast error detection

Vega 200 – Small Flexible / Vega 400 – Medium Flexible / Vega 700 – Large Flexible

  • Flexibility in small and medium sized routers
  • Resilient and reliable
  • Versatile and fast configuration
  • Fully modular
  • Smooth program transitions with clean & quiet switching
  • 4K UHD ready

The Vega Series is available with varying features and specifications

Vega 16MV Vega 32MV Vega 30 Vega 200 Vega 400 Vega 700
Mainframe 3 RU 2 RU 4 RU 7 RU
Size Video 16×16 32×32 34×34 1×95 to 95×1 1×191 to 191×1 144×288 to 288×144
Size Audio 736×928 960×912
Audio Routing 3×6 MADI 6×6 MADI
Audio Interfaces
MADI 3 in, 6 out 6 in, 6 out, or
dual 3 in with auto failover, dual 3 out
AES Up to 96 ports Up to 192 ports Up to 288 ports
Embedded 34 outputs with 16 audio channels on each Up to 36 inputs and
33 outputs with 16 audio channels on each
Input Line Sync
Output Embedding
Output Line Sync
Clean & Quiet Switching Outputs
4K UHD Output
4K UHD Input
Dolby Metering


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