Libec H100 T98CF (Demo)

15,000 kr 5,000 kr ex VAT

Limited number of units for special price.

Product Highlights

  • 100mm Bowl
  • Supports Up to 55 lbs (25kg)


Perched atop its 100mm leveling ball, the Libec H100 Professional Fluid Head includes one PH-7 pan arm, but has a second rosette for left- or two-handed configurations. For varying lens and camera combinations, the continuously variable counterbalance and sliding camera plate provide finger-tip handling up to the load limit of 55 lbs (25kg). Whip pans? Slow motion sequences? No problem: continuously variable true fluid drag provides precisely the right amount of dampening you’ll need.

Finally, if you dread mounting a fluid head in the dark, amid a web of cables and under sheets of driving rain, you’ll find inner peace with the illuminated bubble level shining brightly with a ruby glow in your sea of chaos.

Continuously variable fluid drag to precisely dampen any shooting style
Continuously variable counterbalance and sliding camera plate with 50mm of travel for perfect camera/lens/accessory balance regardless of configuration
Illuminated bubble level for fast, precise leveling in any setting
Second pan arm rosette for left- or two-handed operation (second pan arm sold separately)

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