Libec PH-9 zoom handle (lagersalg)

1,645 kr 790 kr ex VAT

Limited number of units for special price.


The PH-9 remote zoom handle puts the controls, such as REC/RET and zoom, right at your fingertips. Now, the videographer can operate both camera movement and recording controls with the same hand – finally freeing the operator to take care of creative decisions rather than having to worry about how to reach the camera buttons, follow the subject, and keep movements smooth all at the same time.

Ergonomically designed adjustable panhandle, supports firm direction of both pan & tilt moves.
Provides off-camera control of both record and zoom functions
Adapts to most Canon and Fujinon ENG lenses with 8-pin connectors (optional 8-pin to 12-pin adapter, will conform to many Fujinon Broadcast lenses)
Fits all Libec fluid heads

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