Libec TH-G3 Multi-action Gimbal

Libec TH-G3 Multi-action Gimbal

TH-G3 Multi-Action Gimbal can support a wide range of cameras weighing from 0.5kg to 3.6kg. The TH-G3 has multiple action modes. By connecting to Libec’s smart phone App, motion time-lapse, remote controls, and detailed adjustments can be achieved. Designed with a long battery life of 18 hours, users can enjoy many hours of recording comfortably.


Libec TH-G3 Multi-action Gimbal


TH-G3 3-Axis Electric Stabilizer Gimbal:

  • High payload range from 0.5kg to 3.6kg supports a wide range of cameras.
  • Designed with multiple modes to achieve and obtain a variety of action shots.
  • The “Libec App” supports detailed adjustments, remote control, motion time-lapse and more
  • Great compatibility with today’s cameras with the ability to control the camera’s shutter and focus
  • Long battery life capacity, with a maximum of 18 hours of operation, ensures extended camera shoots.
  • Screw holes under the grip are compatible with support equipment that have 1/4” screw and/or 3/8” screws
  • Standard Mini Tripod provides great stability and becomes an easy-to-hold extended grip when folded.
  • Industry standard sliding plate is compatible with Libec, Manfrotto, and Sachtler video heads
  • Specially designed carrying case with protection pads and shoulder strap provides great usability
Payload Min.500g Max.3600g / Min.1.1lb Max.7.9lb
Operation Time Min.12h Max.18h Static operation under proper balance
Charging Time 6h
Input Vol. Min.11.2v Standard14.8V Max.16.8V
Operation Current Min.150mA Max.7600mA
Operation Temperature Min.-10℃ Standard +25℃ Max.+45℃
Min.+14℉ Standard +77℉ Max.+113℉
Tilt Angle Range 360° Unlimited rotation
Roll Angle Range 360° Unlimited rotation
Pan Angle Range 360° Unlimited rotation
Following Deviation in Static State Min.±0.01° Max. ±0.03°
Following Deviation in Motion State Min.±0.05° Max. ±0.1°
Product Dimension 192mmx79mmx460mm
7.6″ x 3.1″ x 18.1″
Weight 1470g/ 3.2lbs Excluding batteries
Accessory Ports Mechanical: 1/4″ and 3/8″ Mounting/Screw holes Electrical: 8V/2A Power Accessory Port, Camera Control Port
User Interface Bluetooth 4.0


High Payload Range

With a high payload range from 0.5kg to 3.6kg, the TH-G3 supports a wide range of cameras from mirrorless cameras to full-size DSLR with multiple types of lenses.

Three Shooting Modes

The TH-G3 has three shooting modes including “Top Down Mode”, “Bottom Up Mode”, and “Pen Light Mode”. These shooting modes provide great flexibility for your desired photo and video shoots.

Four Follow Modes

To greatly assist on photo and video shoots, the TH-G3 has four follow modes including “Pan Follow Mode”, “Pan & Tilt Follow Mode”, “Lock Mode”, and “Roll Follow Mode”. Simply switch between modes by pressing the button.
360°Roll Action
By setting the gimbal to “Pen Light Mode” and moving the joystick, a 360°roll action can be achieved, allowing users to make high impact video clips.

Action Mode

By pressing the “Power” button three times, the gimbal will be switched to the Action Mode. This mode provides higher motor strength to catch the fast moving subject while minimizing instability.

“Libec App” for Detailed Adjustments

With the “Libec App”, users can make setting adjustments such as motor balancing to match the camera’s weight, or speed adjustments for the following actions.

Remote Control
By connecting to a smart phone via the Libec App, the gimbal’s remote controls are accessible, including detailed remote controllability with the gimbal’s Pan Lock and Tilt Lock functions.

Motion Time-Lapse
Via the Libec App, motion time-lapse is accessible, allowing users to set the shutter interval on compatible cameras. After setting up the route point on the motion time-lapse, users can preview the route.

Compatibility with Cameras
The TH-G3 is compatible with the majority of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. By connecting the camera to the gimbal with a standard connection cable, users can control the camera’s shutter and focus.

Long Battery Life Capacity Ensures a Long Shooting Time

Designed with a long battery life of 18 hours, users can enjoy many hours of recording comfortably without having to worry about losing power, even when shooting at a location without a power supply such as the outdoors, fields or events.

*Maximum working time for setups with a 0.5kg payload: 18 hours. Maximum working time for setups with a 3.6kg payload: 12 hours.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from Libec

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