LitePanels Inca 9 – Tungsten LED Fresnel

Product Highlights

  • 9″ Fresnel
  • Tungsten Balanced LED Fixture
  • 15 to 67° Spot to Flood Beam Angles
  • Includes Yoke, Barndoors, Power Supply
  • Dimming From 100 to 0%
  • DMX Compatible
  • 100-240VAC, 14-28VDC
  • 1,000W Tungsten Fresnel Equivalent
  • Low Power Drawer Means Quick ROI
  • Long LED Lamp Life

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The tungsten balanced Litepanels Inca 9 LED Fresnel Light is a versatile luminaire with beam control of 15 to 67°, heat-free output and the equivalent light intensity of a 1,000W tungsten Fresnel while drawing only 190W. Power efficiency means low running and air conditioning costs in the studio and a quick return on investment, while its life of thousands of hours makes the Inca 9 virtually maintenance free.

Both dimming from 100 to 0% with no noticeable color shift and focus can be controlled remotely via the Inca 9’s built-in DMX module. Output is flicker-free and remains consistent at 100-240VAC or 14-28VDC with optional battery sources. The light ships with a yoke with 1 1/8″ Junior pin, power supply, power cord and an 8-leaf barndoor set.

Powerful Output
While the high CRI LEDs in the versatile Inca 9 are optimized for lighting talent using today’s modern camera sensors, they also offer a host of additional applications. Its high output allows the Inca 9 to color-balance the light in tungsten illuminated exterior or interior situations or even serve as an artificial sunlight source through a window or other opening on a stage or location setting
  • With no external ballast and a short restrike period needed, the Inca 9 is ideal for rapid paced, episodic TV and motion picture productions as well as broadcast studio
  • Custom 9″ Fresnel lens produces full spectrum, directional illumination
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable color shift throughout the entire range
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Robust, lightweight composite housing and standard yoke with Junior pin enable easy mounting and positioning
  • Energy efficient: these fixtures draw only 190W but are brighter than a 1K tungsten Fresnel
  • Low power consumption, reduced HVAC requirements and no associated bulb replacement costs contribute to a return on your investment (ROI) in less than three years in typical studio applications
Integrated DMX
An integrated DMX module offers unprecedented control by allowing not only remote dimming, which eliminates the need for expensive dimmers but also remote focus control, which makes cumbersome ladders a thing of the past. The proprietary DMX module works with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections via any standard DMX512 protocol device
15° Spot @ 5.0′ (1.5 m)
2,640 fc/ 28,416 lux with 1.2′ (0.37 m) beam diameter and 2.18′ (0.66 m) field diameter
15° @ 10′ (3.0 m)
660 fc/ 7,104 lux with 2.4′ (0.74 m) beam diameter and 4.3′ (1.3 m) field diameter
15° @ 15.0′ (4.6 m)
293 fc/ 3,157 lux with 3.6′ (1.1 m) beam diameter and 6.5′ (1.9 m) field diameter
67° Flood @ 5.0′ (1.52 m)
492 fc/ 5,295 lux with 4.9′ (1.5 m) beam diameter and 6.6′ (2.0 m) field diameter
67° Flood @ 10′ (3.0 m)
123 fc/ 1,324 lux with 10′ (3.0 m) beam diameter and 13.3′ (4.0 m) field diameter
67° Flood @ 15.0′ (4.6 m)
54.7 fc/ 588 lux with 14.8′ (4.5 m) beam diameter and 20′ (6.0 m) field diameter

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