LitePanels Sola 12 – Daylight LED Fresnel

Product Highlights

  • Daylight-Balanced 12″ LED Fixture
  • Beam Control of 70° to 10°
  • Flicker-Free Light Output
  • Dimming From 100% to 0
  • Instant Re-Strike
  • Uses Up to 95% Less Energy Than HMI
  • Heat-Free Lighting
  • No Ballast Necessary
  • 50,000+ Hours of LED Life

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The Litepanels Sola12 LED Fresnel just might be the best of all possible worlds: a 12″ Fresnel light with beam control of 70° to 10°, combined with heat-free daylight-balanced LED lights. And the Sola12 uses only a small fraction of the power a conventional fixture would require to produce the same volume of light (250W, equivalent to 2000W of tungsten light), with very little heat generation.

But wait, there’s more–the Sola12 weighs 1/3 of an HMI fixture with the same output (with no external ballast), has instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift, on-fixture motorized control of focus and local dimming via a touch screen, and is also remote-controllable via integrated DMX interface. Output is flicker free, and consistent even when the battery voltage goes down. A universal AC input can be used on any 85-245 VAC power worldwide.

Daylight-balanced LED fixture
Beam control of 70° to 10°
Flicker-free light output
Instant restrike
Uses up to 95% less energy than HMI lights
Integrated dimmer 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift
Proprietary heat-free LED technology
No ballast necessary
50,000+ hours of LED life
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