LiveU Tally Starter Kit

Includes Tally Controller + license, 4x Tally Light Device, 4x USB cables, 4x cold show adapters, 4x velcro straps


LiveU’s Tally Light enables field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they’re live on air

Tally Light provides a live cue signaling that the camera is ‘live’, ensuring professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere.


Bringing the live studio experience outdoors, a red light indicator connected to the LiveU unit immediately shows the reporter that they’re live on air.

This is particularly useful in multi-camera productions when it is essential to know which of the cameras are live at any given time.


Tally Light is easy to implement with a one-time set up. Simply connect your production switcher via the Tally controller in the control room to one of your existing LiveU servers. Connected over USB to the LiveU field units, the Tally Light will immediately trigger the red light when the unit is transmitting to server and the feed is on-air.


Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from LiveU.

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