Lynx O RX 1702-1 SC

Analog Sync / Video Fiber Optic Receiver – Fiber SC connectors

The Lynx Technik AG yellobrik Analog Sync/Video Fiber Optic Receiver provides 2 analog outputs and supports single mode SC fiber connection.

This NTSC/PAL composite video to fiber optic receiver is a compact device. It is specifically designed to combat the restrictions involved with the distribution of broadcast-quality analog reference and composite video signals over a long distance.


Pairing of this receiver with the OTX 1712 Fiber Optic Transmitter gives a transmission system for analog sync reference signals or NTSC/PAL composite video signals. This device is useful for reference sync distribution between remote installations to maintain correct synchronization.

The ORX 1702 Receiver has the technology to maintain a high degree of sync and burst phase stability during fiber reception and analog conversion. It receives SDI signals (including reference and other relevant information) before they are converted to analog signals. Therefore, when this receiver is used for 525 or 625 SDI video sources, it is possible to convert the signals to an analog NTSC or PAL composite output directly.

  • Supports analog black burst, bi-level, tri-level sync signals
  • NTSC and PAL composite video compatible
  • Supports 2 outputs
  • Broadcast-quality performance
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging
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