Lynx O TX 1812 ST

3Gbit SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter with looped SDI input – 10km – 1310nm – Fiber ST connectors

The Lynx Technik AG yellobrik OTX 1812 3Gb SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter provides a looping SDI input and supports ST single-mode fiber connections. It is designed to combat the restrictions of uncompressed broadcast video distribution over long distances.


When paired with a fiber optic to SDI receiver (e.g. yellobrik ORX 1802), this module will be part of a cost-effective optical transmission/receiver system for signals up to 1080p60 (3 Gb/s), preserving full uncompressed signal quality.

This receiver autodetects any connected video signal from 270 Mb/s to 3 Gb/s according to SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, and SMPTE 259M standards, as well as DVB-ASI.

  • Supports SDI video inputs up to 3 Gb/s (1080p60)
  • Auto reclocking 270 Mb / 1.5 Gb / 2.97 Gb
  • Error-free optical transmission
  • Reclocked SDI loop-through output connection
  • Supports up to 6.2 mi at 3 Gb/s
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging
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