Metus MAM

Metus MAM

Media Asset Manager and Archiving Solution

MAM is a scalable media management system. Its asset management and transcoding tools helps workgroups catalogue, share and protect every asset and project, andoptimizes every file for use.


Metus MAM (Media Asset Manager) helps you do the following:
 Organize your media assets into an archive
 Track each file and project
 Convert your assets in as many formats as you want
 Help users find the right file fast
 Secure your archive with appropriate access rights granted to each user
 Export and deliver your assets in any format
 Interface between your archive and 3rd partprocessing, editing and playout tools
 Keep track of actions performed on your archive Metus MAM is ideal for any organization that has a valuable and growing archive of media assets.


 Expandable media asset management and transcoding suite, deployable from a single desktop to hundreds of clients
 Supports archives up to PBs containing millions of assets
 Distributed server architecture allows limitless expansion
 Transcoding can be deployed on a single server or as a server farm with load balancing

Format Support and Video Processing

 Supported containers: (MPG, M2P, AVI, F4V, MXF, GXF, MOV, XDCAM, MP4, TS, WMV, WAV, M4A, P2, Microsoft Smooth Streaming)
 Supported essences : (Uncompressed, MPEG2, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPROHD100, H.264, AVC-Intra, XAVC, Apple ProRes, IMX, VC-1, PCM, AAC, WMA)
 Support for proprietary formats via 3rd party components
 Also supports audio, picture, word, excel, pdf and text files
 Supports transcoding between supported formats
 Supports multi channel audio
 Supports easy cutting and joining of clips
 Supports partial retrieval with optional transcoding
 Supports watermarking of video with timecode, logo, etc.


 Uses standard off the shelf server hardware
 Uses industry standard database server such as MS SQL Server
 Support of any type of storage such as NAS, SAN, DAS
 Supports nearline-offline storage systems ranging from single tape drive to enterprise tape libraries
 All components can be installed on single server, or distributed across multiple servers
 Archives are organized into Archive Projects: each Project can have the same or different users metadata structure, server, storage
 Supports different failover and redundancy scenarios both at database, application and storage level
 Information Lifecycle Management: Can move files between online and nearline storage automatically based on user defined rules.


 Plug-ins for Sony Vegas®, GV EDIUS®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro CCand Apple Final Cut Pro®
 Plug-in for newsroom systems
 Seamless bi-directional integration with Metus FlashNews
 Can generate playlists and export to playout servers and automation systems
 Can generate EDLs and export to editing systems
 Integration with middleware systems as CMS for WebTV/IPTV platforms
 Possibility to import assets from third party MAM and databases
 Import and export of common metadata packs such as Cable Labs, VOD, Dublin Core, OpenArchive, MXF, EXIFF, etc.
 Automatic Custom metadata import and export over XML

Metus MAM Components and supported Mac OS X

 Metus Desktop Client : Windows 7 (recommended), Windows 8/8.1
 Metus MAC Client: Mac OS X, works with Final Cut Pro 6,7,X
 Metus Web Client:  Firefox, Safari, Chrome
 Plugins for: Sony Vegas® (version 9, 12) , GV EDIUS® (version 5, 6, 6.5, 7), Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC/2014.

Server Components

 Database Server:                                     Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 Server (all editions. Some features may not work on free versions such as sql express edition)
 Metus Archive Server (MAS):                 Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit
 Metus Process Server(MPS):                 Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit
 Metus Web Server (MOL):                       Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit, IIS 6.0 or later
 Metus Image Matching Server (MIM):   Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from Metus


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