NewTek PTZUHD – UHD over NDI camera


The NewTek PTZUHD Camera is the first of its kind that delivers UHD over NDI.

With 30x optical zoom, Sony CMOS sensor, and fluid PTZ movement you can turn any office or meeting room into a remote studio.

Powered by NDI|HX: High efficiency low bandwidth output means reduced network load and incredible flexibility.

Easy to set up and integrate and requires only a single Ethernet connection for setup, power, operation and signal flow. 

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NewTek PTZUHD delivers UHD over NDI and is perfect for any live streaming setup.

Imagine the possibilities of a camera that can serve as a live UHD video input for NDI® compatible hardware or software systems—from anywhere on your network. Introducing PTZUHD, the fastest, easiest, and best way to capture video for your digital media productions.


  • Native support for HD and UHD video formats up to 2160 p60
  • Progressive scan Sony CMOS sensor and 30x optical zoom lens
  • High-speed, quiet, and fluid operations and control
  • Low latency NDI® HX efficiently uses bandwidth
  • Power over Ethernet via POE++ (802.3bt) or through the use of a power adapter
  • Integrated and automatic tally support via NDI®
  • Remote control and monitoring via Web-based user interface
  • Mounting bracket for ceiling installation included
  • Integrates with software-based video tools like Livestream Studio, OBS, Wirecast, VidBlaster, vMix, XSplit, and all other current NDI®-compatible products
  • Designate the PTZUHD as a high quality video input source with popular meeting applications including Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, and more
  • Usable even by a single operator to produce vlogs and vcasts for delivery to platforms such as YouTube when quality matters
  • NDI PTZ control limits the number of operators needed for prodcution
  • Complete integration with select TriCaster live production systems

PTZUHD Features

NDI® Output

Acquire and deliver video to the network in full UHD and HD with NDI® output and native support for resolutions up to 2160p at 60 frames per second.

Sony CMOS Sensor

Professional progressive scan sensor that delivers clear and vivid live images

30x optical zoom lens

Provides excellent white balance, and exposure modes that deliver a clear image even in low light or extreme contrast of brightness and darkness with a 63 degree horizontal field of view

Multicast Mode

Optionally permit multiple destinations to receive video from the NDI® PTZ Camera without individual point-to-point connections to conserve network bandwidth.

Power over Ethernet

Streamline installation and reduce cabling complexity, optionally eliminating the need for a separate power supply connection with support for Power over Ethernet via POE++ (802.3bt)


Perform precise pan, tilt, and zoom camera movements with remote PTZ camera control and up to 256 configurable preset positions. Features a horizontal viewing angle of -170 degrees to +170 degrees, and tilt angle up to 90 degrees, and down to -30 degrees

Program and Preview Tally

Receive tally notification from compatible NDI® devices via physical LEDs when video output from the NDI® PTZ Camera is visible on Program and/or Preview

Remote Control and Monitoring

Operate camera controls, monitor video, manage login credentials, and configure audio, video, and network settings from any compatible networked device using the Web-based user interface or NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor

Remote Recording

Capture live NDI® PTZ Camera video remotely from any compatible production system, or computers using NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor

Video Settings

Manage NDI® PTZ Camera options to include exposure, focus, iris, shutter speed, white balance, wide dynamic range, and more with configurable video settings


Present high-quality audio, with support for mic and line level audio input, and adjustable volume control

Virtual PTZ

A special function available on select NewTek live production systems to expand shot selection by creating and accessing multiple shots from any individual video signal complete with live virtual zoom and real-time pan and scan effects

NDI® Virtual Input

Designate your NDI® PTZ Camera as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Zoom. Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, and more

Network Identification

Easily identify NDI® PTZ cameras on the network with the ability to apply custom device and channel names

Firmware Updates

Download and install firmware updates at no charge to ensure NDI® PTZ cameras are equipped with the latest features, capabilities, and performance enhancements. 

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from NewTek. 



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