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Maximize your TriCaster® investment now and for the future. Compatible with TriCaster 8000, 860, 855, 460, 455, 410, and Mini, TriCaster Advanced Edition software adds exclusive capabilities to the most complete video production systems on the planet that allow you to get the most out of your workflow—and the best out of every production.

  • Full NDI® integration for end-to-end IP workflows
  • More inputs, outputs, media, and effects
  • Enhanced audio functionality and networking
  • Premium creative, data, and control capabilities


What’s New in TriCaster Advanced Edition 3

  • Touchscreen Support
  • Express Mode
  • LiveMatte Pro
  • COMP Panel Control
  • Increased PTZ Capacity
  • PTZ Control Panels
  • High-Bitrate MP4 Recording
  • External Recorders
  • External Replay Clips
  • Playlist Panel Control
  • Data Presets
  • Sports Title Templates
  • Title Export
  • Adaptive Monitoring
  • Buffer Controls
  • Source Switching
  • Layer Management
  • Configuration Menu Grouping
  • Configuration Menu Nesting
  • Intelligent Configuration Panels
  • Multiviewer Volume Sliders
  • Multiviewer Transport Controls
  • Hardware-Based Encoding
  • Notifications Activity Center
  • Notifications Counter
  • Notifications Priority
  • Device Webpage
  • General Enhancements

More Inputs and Outputs

  • Up to 8 or 12 simultaneous external inputs depending on your TriCaster model
  • Full support for NDI® on all external inputs and up to 4 video mix outputs
  • Configure external inputs for any combination of local or IP video sources
  • Access and control a different PTZ camera from each and every input

Full-Motion Composition Engine*

  • Produce sophisticated compositions and DVE-style motion sequences
  • Support for advanced configuration, positioning, keyframing, and effects
  • Capture, store, and apply settings using a versatile snapshot preset system

*Available on TriCaster 8000, 860, and 460.

Comprehensive Control

  • Streamline operation for users of all experience levels with Express Mode
  • Connect a compatible touchscreen display* and interact with the user interface
  • Pair your system with your choice of compatible TriCaster® control panels

*Touchscreen display must support Windows 7. Please see user manual.

Capture Every Audience

  • Live stream to multiple destinations, including presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube Live
  • Share media through multiple user accounts on the same social network
  • Export content to more online communities, including Imgur, LinkedIn,, and Vimeo

Data-Driven Graphics

  • Map real-time data from internal and external sources to text and image fields
  • Transform raw spreadsheet data into production-ready title pages
  • Send text, data, images, and more from Google Chrome to your system for use in titles and graphics

Spectacular Presentation

  • Maximize video mixing capabilities with support for more switcher-accessible sources and overlays
  • Gain 5 animation buffers to your system for animated effects, motion graphics, and video loops*
  • Insert custom transitions between playlist media for maximum visual impact
  • Enhance LiveSet scenes with augmented reality effects and real-time animated lens flares

*Available on TriCaster 860, 460, 410, and Mini.

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