Oconnor CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus Pro Kit

Product Highlights

  • Clamps to 15mm/19mm Studio Rod Systems
  • Mounts on Either Side of Bridge
  • Horizontal Sliding Adjustment
  • Includes Geared and Smooth Drive Gears
  • Speed Crank & Studio Handwheel Extension
  • Focus Whip & Isolator Handle
  • Air/Water Tight Case
  • High-Density Foam


Providing a complete follow focus unit with accessories and a protective hard case, the OConnor CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus Pro Kit includes a Cine One Follow focus for both studio 15mm and 19mm rod set ups, with a LWS 15mm rod bridge for using the included CFF-1 on handheld rigs. The unit is reversible so you can mount it on either side of the lens, and it slides horizontally to adjust for lens diameter.

The kit includes drive gears for use with lenses that feature geared rings as well as a non-toothed drive gear for use with lenses without a geared focus ring. The kit also includes a handwheel extension that provides clearance for the assistant side of the follow focus unit to clear optional studio matte boxes. The included focus whip (flexible extension) allows your assistant to pull focus when they are not able to be right next to the camera. It includes an isolator handle for two-handed operation, and optional flexible extensions can be daisy chained for extra length. The case is air and watertight with a pressure relief valve and features custom cut high-density foam to protect your equipment.

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