Osee G7 7inch 3000nits HDMI/SDI 4K HDR Monitor Steadicam Kit

Display: 7-inch, 1920X1200
Brightness: 3000nits
Video Input: 1-SDI, 1-HDMI
Video Output: 1-SDI, 1-HDMI
Audio: Speaker, Headphone (3.5mm Mini Jack)
Power: DC IN, Battery (SONY NP-F)

Overall Look


Osee G7 monitor has ultra-high brightness, the super 3000 nits screen is almost 6 times the brightness of other field monitors. It allows you to shoot outdoors in direct sunlight without any washing-out of the image on the screen. With osee G7 monitor, there’s no need of sun hood anymore, hence the restriction on viewing angle is freed.

Convenient Zoom & Pan

With single joystick operation, zoom and pan is easy at hand, scroll the joystick up, to zoom-in the image by 2x or 4x; and during zoom-in mode, press the joystick, you can easily pan the image in up / down / left / right directions freely.

Scene Switch

One of the most merits that osee G7 can provide is the great convenience of scene switching, cinematographer can create up to 8 scenes, and up to 8 image tools can be added in each scene, so frequently used features can be preset in advance, then you can just switch from one scene to the other when shooting in different conditions!


Osee G7 monitor can properly restore the video shot by anamorphic lens. It can work with a camera without internal anamorphic de-squeeze. It supports 1x,1.33x,1.5x,1.66x, 2x and 2x mag anamorphic lens.


With a built-in aluminum sheet, Osee G7 is durable enough while embodied in polycarbonate structure, the goal is to make sure that G7 can provide steady work even in motions or extreme conditions.


Mounting Type-1:

Mounting Type-2:

Image Tools


From 2×2 to 9×9, crosshactch can help the cinematographer compose an ideal framing the quickest way possible.

Super False Color

Osee G7 monitor supports more powerful Super False Color mode, including under-exposure / over-exposure / 18 degree grey / skin toneindications, to help you get a correct exposure easily. The exposure indications are calculated for different cameras, there are 16 different log curves including SONY S-Log2, SONY S-Log3, Panasonic V709, ARRI REC709, RED LOGFILM, RED RG4, etc for you to choose.

Level-adjustable Zebra

Zebra helps you expose your image properly by displaying a stripe pattern over a specific brightness (IRE, value) range on your image. This is useful for essentially setting exposure ‘boundaries’ typically for highlights, its level can be adjusted from 1 to 100.

RGB 3-color Focus Assist

Outlining in White, Red, Green or Blue at the edge of shot objects can efficiently help you confirm if your focus is right on the target, you can choose whether to turn on the B&W Background function, also the sensitivity is adjustable from 1-10.

Built-in 3DLUT

Osee G7 monitor provides 33 kinds of De-log 3DLUTs, including S-log 2/3, V-log, C-log 1/2/3, Log-C, J-log1, Redlog,BMD, FujiFilm, GoPro, DJI etc, to convert log mode to REC 709 for all major cameras. To further enhance color brightness and clarity, Osee G7 supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) to help make images more detailed and realistic.

User 3DLUT Upload

Cinematographers can also upload user creative 3DLUT cube or calibration 3DLUT cube to G7 monitor by SD card. G7 supports 17^3, 33^3 and 65^3 cubesMax 16 user 3DLUTs can be restored.

Full Professional Video Analysis

G7 has full professional video analysis tools including waveform, vector scope, histogram and audio level meter to help our user to analyze their video, and with image re-size tool together, you can put these analysis charts and the image together for a clear comparison to see which parts or parameters need to be adjusted.

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