Osee LCM215-E

LCM215-E, features a Daylight Bright 1000 Nit panel that reproduces high quality images in a Economical 21.5″ monitor for Field Acquisition.
Designed for today’s film production workflow, the LCM215-E displays DCI-P3,SMPTE2020SDR* and REC709 Color spaces.
Image processing is achieved with out proprietary 12bit Image Lude’ Engine.
What is displayed on the screen are processed as what we call “LOOK PROFILES” That have the industries’ highest  accuracy LUT technology’.
Included are 10 camera de-log LUTs, and 4 user LUTs, that for user convenience, are pre-loaded with film look LUTs.

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With a large 21.5″ screen, the LCM215-E provides easily utilized production assistance tools that are designed for high performance accuracy. Assist functions include, Waveform with Vector Scope, Zebra, False Color and Focus Assist which can be utilized with SDI, HDMI inputs. The LCM215-E is light weight and can operate for 4 hours (260Wh battery). Unmatched color reproduction is assured by CalMan and Light Space color calibration and applied as our Look Profiles.
To meet needs for field applications, optional accessories include V or AB mount battery adapters,  plus additional options available in March will include: cstand adapters, accessory mounting plates, screen protector, sun hood, and waterproof hard case,  with more accessories in design.
*REC2020 is limited to applications for UHD. Use of REC2020 color space is highly accurate but is not in wide use at this time.​

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DCI-P3 Gamut for the Film Production

The LCM215-E supports DCI-P3, which is the standard color space used in most Ecinema projectors.  This is unique to the LCM215-E and allows you to make full use of your camera’s wide gamut without clipping. The feature is particularly important in digital film production. Each LCM230-E is precision calibrated for DCI-P3, REC2020SDR, and REC709 color spaces.

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