Osee LCM215-HDR

HDR Monitor for Outdoor Shooting

Incorporated with a high bright of 1000nits IPS panel and powerful color management engine, OSEE LCM215-HDR is a perfect monitoring tool for outdoor field shooting and HDR monitoring and capable of delivering crisp and crystal clear image

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User Configurable Settings

As a field monitor, fast operation is of vital importance for crew to complete their shooting for the day. OSEE LCM215-HDR can cater such needs with readily configured four user settings that can be customized to serve for exposure, focus, viewing flat image with LUTs and any other utilities you may need.
Precise and Handy Exposure Assist Tools
​When it comes to shooting, how accurately you can have your exposure set really matters.
OSEE owns On Screen Spot Meter patent for technology of false color that can guarantee the inaccuracy of your exposure will be less than 0.5 stop applicable to ARRI ALEXA to DSLR. Removing the guesswork out of from your exposure setup can easily be achieved by using OSEE On Screen Spot Meter. Another monitoring tool, waveform (LUMA, RGB Parade, Vector and Histogram) can further assure the accuracy of exposure and help DIT to confirm the video technical quality.

Out of a pool of monitoring tools, there are many other tools like Focus Assist, Anamorphic de-squeeze, and all markers and many other more.

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