Telestream Lightspeed G6 Server

Telestream® G6 Lightspeed™ Server can be added to any Vantage Transcode product or Post Producer to accelerate video processing and H.264 transcoding.

Lightspeed Server accelerates video processing with GPUs and multicore CPUs to provide the best image quality in the least amount of time. Housed in an efficient 1 RU chassis, Lightspeed G6 Servers reduce rack space, power and cooling requirements while meeting increased output capacity needs.



Server that accelerates video processing and H.264 encoding for all SD/HD 2K/4K Vantage Transcode products (Transcode. Pro. Pro Connect. IPTV and Multiscreen)

Accelerated Video Processing

The G6 Lightspeed is a dual-GPU NVIDIA Pascal-based server that accelerates compute-intensive image processing within Vantage workflows, including scaling, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, and other tasks that require computation and analysis to modify or create new video frames. Faster video preprocessing acceleration benefits the output quality of all video output formats, for both transcoding and automated content assembly. Deinterlacing

Deinterlacing is required when converting interlaced broadcast content for web and mobile distribution and is also the first step in high-quality frame rate conversion. High-quality deinterlacing produces far sharper and clearer image quality than is possible with simple field blending techniques.

Video Image Scaling Advanced image scaling is crucial to maintaining high-quality results. Both up-scaling and down-scaling require significant processing to preserve image sharpness. Lightspeed image scaling eliminates banding and ringing artifacts that are associated with video upconversion. This is particularly useful when converting broadcast content into web and mobile formats.

Frame Rate Conversion Frame rate conversion is increasingly important for internationalization and inverse telecine workflows. Lightspeed accelerates both standards conversion and the conversion of broadcast content to 23.976 film rates, with reliable, high-quality results.

For technical specification see the Telestream Lightspeed G6 Server datasheet here: 

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features description and technical specification from Telestream


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