We are sponsoring the FIAT /IFTA Media Management Seminar 2019

Where: Stockholm
When: May 23-24, 2019

AI, machine learning, metadata & automatic speech-to-text, are changing how journalists and editors work today. These are all topics at the heart of the offering from our partner Mjoll, who we represent in the Nordics.

Join the conversation at this year Media Management Seminar 2019, where we are one of the proud sponsors!

For information about the seminar, program and registration see the event website here.

About Mimir by Mjoll

Mimir is a production asset management system designed with future video workflows in mind; created by software startup Mjoll.

With Mimir’s cognitive AI services you can automate your metadata logging, with automatic transcripts, automatic objects and face detection, translation services, smart search features, and much more. All enabling an efficient and cost effective video workflow.

  • Upload high-res video to the cloud
  • Automatic label detection
  • Re-create high quality proxy files
  • Speech-to-text analysis
  • Adobe Premiere panel
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Speech-to-text languages support
  • Transcript translation
  • Celebrity  & Persons detection
  • Build & share your persons database

Contact the Mjoll team for a discussion about how journalists and video editors can work smarter.