Do you want to use video more actively to look professional in your digital channels?

Companies in banking, insurance, communications and other sectors are building their own studios to broadcast live, to present their offerings and for engaging customers, employees and partners.

Mediability is the Nordic region’s leading specialist company in video solutions and studios. We have many years of experience in providing professional equipment, setup and training for studios in any sizes.

Our customers range from the TV and media industry to banking, insurance, government, organisations, and others in need of effective solutions for, amongst other to:

  • Produce professional looking video content from in-house studios for product demonstrations, sales training, and more
  • Boost engagement amongst customers, employees and partners with actively use of videos
  • Create professional company presentations and product videos
  • Produce video and LIVE broadcasts for training, conferences and lectures
  • Create engaging content marketing videos

We help our customers choose the right technical solutions and can also help with planning, installation, training, and more.

Why build your own studio?

Video as a tool in internal and external communication creates engagement and connects people.

The use of video in sales and marketing, on social media, for live events, team meetings and more has increased in recent years. After COVID-19 many have drastically changed how and where they work from.

With having your own studio for video production, you choose a modern approach to branding and communication, which your company, your employees and your partners will enjoy and benefit from.

Rig for the future by building your own studio with the right technical solutions for efficient video production!

We offer solutions for

Build your own studio

  • Strengthen your business and your brand
  • Broadcast live on your external and internal channels
  • Create engagement by using video

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Look professional on your external channels

  • Produce videos with your own logo and brand
  • Share product videos and presentations across all your channels
  • Post live to Facebook and YouTube

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Internal communication with video

  • Share videos and broadcast live on your internal channels
  • Create engagement internally using video
  • Link offices and employees closer together

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Get started with live streaming

  • Choose the right all-in-one solution for your studio
  • Send live and produce video material from the same solution
  • Create engagement for your employees with live productions from your own studio

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Choose the right camera, lights and microphones

  • Choose the right camera for your needs
  • Choose the right light, equipment for sound, recording and other techniques
  • Choose IP based solutions that scale

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Our customers

Anyone in need of smart video production equipment and solutions

Mediability has delivered professional video equipment and solutions for the media and entertainment industry for many years. In the recent years our customer base has grown to include:

  • Universities and Schools
  • Organizations
  • Banking and insurance
  • Houses of worship
  • Opera- and concert houses
  • Freelancers
  • Small to larger production companies

Go to the case studies section to learn about some of our customer projects (have articles in English and Norwegian).

Some of our customer cases

Our brands

Mediability is the selected reseller and sales partner in the Nordic countries* for a wide range of high profile companies and brands.

We have established a range of partnerships with key industry consultants and experts in the areas of professional equipment, media technology, AR & VR, broadcast production, live streaming, and more. See overview of our partners and brands here.

*Sales distributor status may vary from country to country.

Some of the brands we represent:
+47 482 81 000 (NO)
+46 (0)8 564 85 330 (SE)
+45 33 60 50 60 (DK)

See our offices and sales team here.