Every twist and turn of the drama developing between Erik Aber and Elea Bergen – two of Norway’s toughest defence lawyers, is now being captured on the lightweight ARRI Alexa Mini camera.

Super flexibility, unparalleled quality and a low price point was key when ITV Studios Norway chose the ARRI Alexa Mini to film series 2 of the courtroom drama series Aber Bergen for TV3 Viasat.

All the scenes of courtroom drama Aber Bergen are being filmed on location and at ITV’s studios in Bergen using the Mini as well as ARRI’s Ultra Prime range of lenses – all delivered by Mediability.


Loving the flexibility

“Our photographers love the flexibility mixed with the quality which ARRI Alexa Mini offers,” says Zahra Waldeck, Line Producer for ITV Studios Norway.

“It’s much smaller and easy to handle than the larger cameras that came before it. That means it also puts less physical strain on the photographer.”

ARRI Alexa Mini was launched in 2015 and quickly picked up by many film-makers and TV producers. Veteran cinematographer César Charlone ABC chose the Mini when he shot 2017 blockbuster American Made starring Tom Cruise.


Complemented Mini with ARRI’s Ultra Prime lenses

ITV Studios Norway also chose to purchase a selection of lenses from ARRI’s Ultra Prime series to complement their choice of camera.

“These are all fantastic quality lenses which gives the end product just the right artistic expression that we are looking for,” explains Zahra Waldeck.

Watch ARRI Alexa Mini presentation from Nabshow 2015


Choosing buying over leasing

Many production companies have traditionally chosen to lease camera equipment for individual productions, because of the high up front price of top-of-the-line rigs.

ARRI Alexa Mini comes at less than half the cost of larger alternatives, but delivers the same Oscar-winning quality as ARRI’s bigger models.


Happy to offer complete solutions

“This makes it possible and sensible for production companies to invest in their own equipment,” explains Skjalg Stordal, Key Account Manager with Mediability.

“We are very happy to be able to help production companies like ITV Studios purchase everything they need, from the camera, lenses, tripods and more. It is satisfying to be in a position where we now are able to offer complete camera rig solutions,” says Stordal.


Following up success of series 1

Series 1 of Aber Bergen was ITV Studios Norway’s first ever scripted TV-series. The commissioner, TV3, enjoyed success with the series both on linear TV and in streamed format on their free streaming platform Viafree.

Series 2 started filming in April this year. It premiered in September and will consist of 10 45-minute episodes in total. The series finale airs on 21 November 2017.

ITV Studios is the UK’s biggest production and distribution company, with branches in eight other countries.

ITV Studios Norway is today a leading producer of international formats and original ideas across a range of genres including reality, entertainment, factual and drama. Aber Bergen is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

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