Mediability have delivered professional equipment, studio and broadcast installations to the media segment, to schools and universities, organisations, houses of worship, and more for many years.

Our team of experienced broadcast engineers are ready to help you install and maintain your studio and broadcast systems.

We have the experience that you need building studio and control room infrastructure, with modern NDI and IP based solutions.

We work closely with the 3rd party vendors that we represent, such as NewTek, Grass Valley, Telestream, LiveU and more, to ensure you make the right choices for your needs.

We also offer Solutions-as-as-Service from selected vendors. Go to our SaaS page.

Contact us

+47 482 81 000 (NO)
+46 (0)8 564 85 330 (SE)
+45 33 60 50 60 (DK)

Contact Support

For support inquires please send an email to with a detailed description of the problem.

One of our support engineers will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also call our support line: +47 482 81 000 (NO)

Our Services Offering - specialised in broadcast & studios

Graphics Workflows

Graphics and branding
Interactive HTML overlays
OTT-channels branding
Full-service provider


Identify pain-points & goals
Technical requirements and design
Workflows & systems audit
Report & Recommend

Project Management

Project Planning
Risk management
On-site activities
Coordination of 3rd party vendors





Getting started
Systems understanding
Best practices, tips & tricks
Workflows across vendors & systems 

Systems Life Cycle

Training new employees
Emergency routine exercises
Maintaining documentation
Changes in configuration
Expansions & Consolidations

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Partner SLA

3rd party SLA agreements through our strategic partners.

Services are delivered by Mediability’s partners and vendors.

Who is this for?
Anyone looking for having a single point off contact for their services agreements negotiations and SLA contracts management.

Flex SLA

Flex SLA is a tailor made support agreement that delivers added value beyond the manufacturers third party support agreements.

The core offering is based on our office hours Service Desk and a Support Portal for submitting and monitoring issues. In addition we offer:
  • Regular on site support visits
  • Regular remote system checks
  • Remote system monitoring
Support hours for responding to incidents are either invoiced by the hour. Alternatively the customer can purchase hours in bulk upfront at a discounted price. All this is tailored to the customers need.
Who is this for?
Anyone looking for a flexible service agreement, with access to discounted quota of support, who need regular maintenance as well as stability and to maximise capacity of systems.


Mediability-as-a-Service (MaaS) SLA offer an all-inclusive service agreement, including lease, operations and OPEX based models customized for your operational needs.

Various response times and support hours are available.

Who is this for?
Anyone looking for a complete outsourcing of a specific system, parts of or entire systems operations. We tailor an agreement to your needs and take care of all 3rd party agreements, 1st line support, equipment purchases and hosting, maintenance and upgrades, amongst other.

Digitalisering for Svenske Kungl Biblioteket
TV Haugaland streamer live fra kirker og menigheter
TV 2/FYN er live med nyhetsrom i skyen


Some of the projects that we have delivered (note that some of the texts are in Norwegian)

  • Moderne nyhetsproduksjon i skyen for danske TV 2/Fyn. Les mer her.
  • Digitalisering for Svenske Kungl Biblioteket. Les mer her.
  • Skybasert løsning for ingest, logging og media management for produksjonsselskapet Mothership. Les mer her.
  • Live produksjon for TV Haugaland’s streaming fra kirker og menigheter under koronakrisen. Les mer her.
  • Systemarkitektur, implementasjon, opplæring og dokumentasjon for TV 2 Norge og deres GreenField Playout (GPO) prosjekt. Les mer her.
  • Design og systemintegrasjon av  Provys planning system for TV 2 Norge. Les mer her
  • IP-based playout infrastruktur for TV 2 Norge. Les mer here
  • Live Streaming løsning for Monday Production og deres streaming av 364 live kamper for AMedia. Les mer her
  • Live streaming løsninger for Holmenkollstafetten. Les mer her
  • Studio-in-a box løsninger for flerkamera produksjon over NDI for Screen Media. Les mer her
  • Flerkamera produksjon for storskjerm under konferanser, events og konserter for Filadelfia menigheten i Kristiansand. Les mer her
  • Automatisk grafikk for TV 2 Norge i samarbeid med Promotheus. Les mer her
  • VR encoding software and hardware løsning for 4K 360-graders streaming til YouTube for Screen Media. Les mer her
  • LiveTouch for IMG Media Norway’s Rikstoto. Les mer her
  • Kamera og optikk for produksjonsselskapet ITV Studios Norway og deres “Aber Bergen” produksjon. Les mer her
  • Avisen Fædrelandsvennen’s online TV løsning. Les mer her