As a contributor to the project “Digital spedisjon”, Mediability has helped NRK make available incoming material in a new and efficient way. Put simply, we make all content file based, allowing fast access to anyone at NRK who needs to get content out, work with it and use it in program production.

Previously all content, often stored on a physical unit, was shuffled around NRK internally to people thought to have an interest in it. Now the content is file based and accessible to all via the software platform Signiant.

This is particularly relevant for material coming in from the public, and using the TIPS service — which is part of the Digital spedisjon project — photo and video can be made available immediately to all working with news production in NRK, both in Oslo and in all the regional offices. The content will already be checked for viruses, formatted and marked.

Mediability has helped NRK tailor the solution for TIPS, and helped develop the pilot for Digital spedisjon which was tested during the 2012 London Olympics.


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