DR continues to modernise their new studios at DR Byen in Copenhagen, adding three new Kahuna video mixers from Grass Valley.

“For us it has been great to be able to benefit from Mediability’s unique know-how around the product,” said Bøhm Jensen. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR has swapped their ageing video mixers with a new line-up of Kahuna mixers from Canadian Grass Valley. They replace video mixers from British Snell Advanced Media, which came in under the Grass Valley umbrella earlier in 2018. After a close race between different manufacturers in an EU tender process, the decision was to stay with Kahuna, which DR felt delivered on the necessary functional demands.

“The old mixers had served us very well for 14 years, so we were quite happy to look to the same producer when we decided to invest in new stock,” says Rene Bøhm Jensen, Technical Project Manager at DR.

A major and long-term investment

The Danish Broadcaster moved to their new headquarters DR Byen – the DR City – just over ten years ago. It is considered to be one of the world’s most advanced multi-media houses.

For DR, the new mixers represent a new move towards future-proofing their TV productions, and they represent a major investment which the national broadcaster expects will serve them very well for at least a decade and maybe more.

“For us the main advantages with the new Kahuna mixers is their flexibility,” explained Bøhm Jensen. “The mainframes of the old mixers that the Kahunas are now replacing were far more rigid and hardware-based. We see many advantages in the upgradability offered by these mixers, which we now will be relying on for years to come,” said Bøhm Jensen.


Upgradable to meet future production developments

Rene Bøhm Jensen has worked at DR for 26 years, and been part of what has arguably so far been the largest technological shift in TV production history – with the shift from analogue composite video to SDI and from SD to HD work-flows.

Grass Valley constantly develops firmware updates allowing the Kahuna mixers to keep up with the changing demands of TV production. DR’s purchase includes two Kahuna 9600 Production Switchers which are now serving in DR’s studios 5 and 6, as well as a Kahuna Maverik modular control surface in studio 9. The studios are mainly used for entertainment productions and debate programmes, with audience facilities.

Mediability delivered products and super-user training

Mediability delivered the new Kahuna mixers to DR earlier this year, and have also been offering three-day training courses for DR super-users in order to get the broadcaster up and running with the new kit as quickly as possible. “For us it has been great to be able to benefit from Mediability’s unique know-how around the product,” said Bøhm Jensen.

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