Two very different Norwegian video producers with similar needs in multi-camera production solutions have opted for clever and affordable Sony rigs.

When the Kristiansand Pentecostal Filadelfia congregation moved into their new 1400-seater Q42 conference centre late last year, their TV and live production line-up was primed and ready to go.

“We started purchasing equipment from Mediability back in 2013, to be ready for major video productions when the conference centre was ready,” explains Hans-Olav Hodøl, responsible for Filadelfia’s productions.

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Operating four multi-camera solutions

“We knew we wanted to do major productions, from big screen solutions during conferences, events and concerts, to multi-camera live-streaming of our Sunday services,” says Hodøl.

Today the Filadelfia congregation operates four multi-camera solutions with the Sony HXC-100 [a model now replaced by the HSC-100] via a control room equipped with a Broadcast Pix Granite 2000 video mixer.

“We have recently complemented this setup with several remote-control Panasonic AW-HE130 cameras, taking our total camera park to 10 units,” explains Hodøl.

The Pentecostal Filadelfia congregation operates several Sony HXC cameras as part of their professional production suite 

Reliable, scalable and affordable

Mediability has delivered all of the Filadelfia congregation’s broadcast solutions, and has also been involved in training, support and follow-up.

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“Sony has become the choice for production teams around the world who want multi-camera solutions that are at once reliable, scalable and affordable,” says Torgrim Bødalen from Mediability.

“These are high-performance cameras that will deliver professional results in a wide range of settings. The relatively low price point makes them extra desirable for many different types of production companies.”

From arena concerts to company conferences

Sony cameras from Mediability have been the tool of choice also for Pixel Perfect, a production company based in Moss just south of Oslo.

“We now operate 13 Sony HSC-100 cameras alongside camera control units and remote control panels which also come from Sony,” says Lars Petter Brynildsen, founder of Pixel Perfect.

His team takes on jobs ranging from filming 9000-capacity arena concerts via major sporting events to company conferences and celebrity weddings.

Gearing up for Christmas

“It’s crucial for us to have solid systems we can really trust. The market becomes more and more demanding and we have to deliver. That is also why we need to be able to expand without running into any problems. And this system is very scalable,” explains Brynildsen.

Right now both Filadelfia in Kristiansand and Pixel Perfect in Moss are gearing up for the Christmas season. Filadelfia’s annual Christmas concert in the main 1400-seater hall will get the full Sony treatment, while Pixel Perfect are getting busy filming TV 2’s advent live music series Håp i ei gryte.

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