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Are you struggling with keeping your social media channels updated and aligned with your newsroom and webdesks?

Many broadcasters are still stuck with legacy newsroom control room systems (NRCS) built for linear news only. Journalists are forced to work with numerous tools to get a story out on social media and websites. As a story evolves throughout a day, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what gets published where and to ensure that all channels are kept up to date.

Mediability Publish is a multi-platform publishing service built for the cloud newsroom solution DiNA, by 7Mountains.

How it works

Mediability Publish is an API based service for adding connectors to social media channels, to content management systems (CMS), and to various video platforms. With Mediability Publish you can publish from any platform and to any platform.

Being built as an API based service, means that Mediability Publish can be integrated with any NRCS platform, as an example. There are no restrictions for the number of social media channels one can connect to.








Work smarter with a story-centric approach

Mediability Publish is a multi-platform publishing service originally built for the cloud newsroom solution DiNA, by 7Mountains. DiNA is built for a story-centric workflow, enabling the users to create stories for any platforms from within one unified tool.

Multi-platform publishing from DiNA is accomplished through an integration with the Mediability Publish service, that enables journalists to:

  • Easily add connectors to their favourite social media accounts
  • Publish any stories to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress, and more

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