Film production students at the Noroff Vocational School are getting their hands on the state-of-the-art ARRI Alexa camera on their return to school this autumn.

Oscar-winning films like Argo, Spotlight and Birdman were all shot on ARRI Alexa cameras, which have become the gold standard for digital film photography in the movie business.

“The camera is a work horse and it offers everything you could possible want from a cutting-edge professional piece of equipment,” says Robert Erstad, cinematography lecturer at the film production studies at the Noroff Vocational School.

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“We want our students to learn on the very best, so that we can prepare them for work in the real world, where the ARRI Alexa has become the preferred tool for the world’s leading filmmakers.”

Two Alexa rigs from Mediability

Mediability has been ARRI’s Norwegian reseller since 2014, and provided Noroff with two ARRI Alexa rigs in time for this autumn term.

“We have long enjoyed a close and fruitful cooperation with Noroff, and being able to provide them with these amazing cameras is really exciting for us,” says Alexander Wold at Mediability.

Wold says Mediability shares the Noroff school’s view that students should be able to learn their trade working with the very best tools.

“That’s why we are very happy to have been able to offer two cameras for Noroff’s Oslo and Bergen campuses at very affordable price.”

A game-changer

The ARRI Alexa has been praised by leading cinematographers like Roger Deakins as the game-changer that pushed the digital format past film as the better-quality option.

Deakins himself opted for Alexa when he shot the James Bond film Skyfall.

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“Our students absolutely love working with the camera,” explains Robert Erstad at Noroff.

“10 out of our 40 second year students are specialising in Cinematography, and they are now being taught to use Alexa – both at our Oslo and Bergen campuses. We have just finished an intensive introductory course, covering how to operate both the camera and relevant accessories.

“The feedback from the students has been very, very positive. For them it is really important to know that when they graduate, they will have developed a deep knowledge of how to work with a tool which the very best of film makers prefer to work with,” says Erstad.

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