Do you work for a fast paced company, a start-up, or are you simply looking for an easier way to get access to top professional equipment? Then leasing is the right solution for you!

We have put together a set of leasing packages for Live Streaming with equipment that are:

  • Recommended by our live streaming experts and partners
  • Preferred by our customers
  • Easy to operate and get started
  • With affordable bundle prices

All our leasing bundles are offered with add-on services for:

  • Getting started / Introductory training
  • Flexible service agreement starting at 2 hours of help each month

Read more about our Services offering here.

Benefits of leasing

Leasing professional equipment gives you an insurance with regards to using the best equipment in the market while keeping your costs low.

With leasing you get the flexibility of

  • Getting access to top quality professional equipment
  • No binding of capital in buying equipment
  • Less initial expense
  • Reducing time spent in navigating what equipment works best for you; let Mediability’s team of expert put together the best possible solutions for you!
  • Hassle-free handling and full coverage insurance
  • Freedom of choosing what package fits your needs

Leasing is a solution for our company if you are looking to

  • Increase effectivity by offering state of the art equipment to our teams
  • Simplify your processes
  • Always use the best possible technology available

Contact us today if you have any questions about our leasing offering.

We would love to help you put together a package including an affordable getting-started package and a flexible support agreement.

Talk with our leasing experts!

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