Automated graphics solutions are central to modern TV production. Mediability are behind the solution for Norway’s largest private TV channel.

Together with their partners at Israeli graphics provider Promotheus and Norwegian equipment producer Vizrt, Mediability will be responsible for all automatic branding for TV 2’s entire output from 2017.
The branding of a TV channel is what you see between programmes, the channel’s “packaging” or signature.


Seamless transitions

“A modern TV channel is dependent on an extremely efficient system which must be able to project the brand, provide scheduling information and make sure transitions between trailers, ads and different programmes remain seamless,” explains Jørgen Scheel, Solution Architect at Mediability.

“Graphics solutions used to be few and simple, and they could be created and implemented by a few individuals. With today’s demand for information, entertainment and flow, it is impossible to make TV without using automated graphics solutions,” says Scheel.


Channels keep their “look”

It is important for major broadcasters with many channels to allow each of these to maintain their individuality and “look”, regardless of which programme they are promoting between different transmissions.

An automated solution like the one Mediability Solutions now delivers also makes it easy for the broadcaster to cross-promote content between different channels.


A solution for all of TV 2

This is the kind of system which Mediability and their partners are now delivering as part of TV 2’s efficiency drive GPO (Greenfield Playout Program).

Earlier they have delivered automated branding for TV 2’s channels Humor and Livsstil with great success. Now that solution is being rolled out across TV 2’s entire output.


Long experience

Mediability were early on the scene with the development of automated graphics solutions, and have more than 10 years experience in this field.

Today the company is considered to be among the leaders in the field, both in Norway and internationally.

Other channels that have enjoyed automatic branding services from Mediability include TVNorge, FEM, MAX and Swedish Kanal-5.


International cooperation

The solution for TV 2’s GPO is delivered by Mediability in cooperation with the Israeli company Prometheus, which is behind the graphic content, and Vizrt, which produces the transmission equipment – the system’s engine.

“Our long experience allows us to be the architect for the entire solution. Our role is to be the system integrator, you could call us the glue which helps everything work the way it should,” explains Jørgen Scheel.

The new automated branding system for TV 2 went live in early 2017.

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