TV-productions previously considered too costly and cumbersome to make are becoming reality thanks to clever use of TriCaster, Viz Engine and IP.

Norwegian media house Screen Media has started using a combination of graphics generators from Vizrt and NewTek’s TriCaster live production system to produce high quality productions at a far lower cost than was previously possible.


Producing smaller events to the highest of standards

A daughter company of Norway’s largest private broadcaster TV 2, Screen Media produces hundreds of hours of content every year. But now they can also apply their high production values to smaller niche events.

“Combining graphics from Vizrt, the TriCaster and NewTek’s IP protocol NDI has allowed us to produce smaller events like the Norwegian Juice and Smoothie Championships to the same high quality standards we apply to everything we do,” says Kenneth Dammyr, head of technology at Screen Media.

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Studio in a box

NDI, or Network Device Interface, is an open protocol which allows any video compatible products to share video across a local area network. It is considered an important step towards TV production which relies far less on cables.

The TriCaster, known in the industry as “a studio in a box”, is a multi-camera production system in a single housing, which replaces what used to be racks of traditional video production tools.

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Vastly improved capacity

“NDI replaces traditional SDI cables, and improves capacity. This means we now can link as many cameras as we need with the TriCaster, while having space and capacity to add graphics,” explains Dammyr.

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The graphics comes from Vizrt’s Viz Engine, which is also behind the advanced graphics used across all of TV 2’s output – along with that of most of the world’s major broadcasters.


A priceless solution

“It’s a winning combination,” says Alex Wold, sales advisor at Mediability, which provided TriCasters for Screen Media.

“Being able to dramatically cut costs while increasing workflow efficiency with systems like the TriCaster, NDI and Vizrt’s solutions is simply priceless,” says Wold.

Kenneth Dammyr at Screen Media agrees.

“With the digitalisation of TV production, there is an ever-increasing demand for content to fill more and more channels.

“Yet the money pot largely stays the same, which means being able to create high quality productions at a fraction of the cost is crucial,” says Dammyr.


Popular across many sectors

TriCaster is also fast becoming the standard for video production training in the educational sector, and is widely used by public offices and a range of production companies.

“Combining NDI and TriCaster allows for fantastic opportunities which simplify the production process while also cutting costs for anyone who needs to produce high quality video,” says Alexander Wold at Mediability.

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