Mediability has been central in creating a new chapter of broadcasting history as the architect and system integrator of the Provys planning system for TV 2.

Provys allows TV companies to plan their programme offerings in one integrated solution. It can be used throughout the entire broadcasting process, from booking a camera operator or ordering a new TV series until the finished product goes on air.

Total control

“The solution gives the user an overview and control over everything from scheduling and graphics solutions to budgets and rights,” says Joakim Skjæveland, Mediability’s system architect for the project
“Provys makes it possible to plan entire production processes, and it provides you with a fantastic overview over how to best allocate resources.

Replaces solutions from 19920

Several of the systems and processes which Provys now replaces have been in use since TV 2 came on air in 1992. Over the past 24 years the broadcaster has grown from delivering one single channel to offering nine different channels in addition to a range of streaming services.
”The process of implementing Provys at Norway’s largest private broadcaster has been very comprehensive and exciting. We have been part of this from the start,” explains Jørgen Scheel, Mediability’s chief technology officer.

Thorough analysis

”We started from scratch with a thorough analysis of their existing systems. That allowed us to go forward as the architect and system integrator and tailor the integration of Provys so that it could be used throughout TV 2’s production process.

One of the key solutions has been to gather all content management in one place.
”Previously you would have had one strand for planning, organising and producing live TV, and another strand for all on-demand content. Now all of this can happen in the same place,” explains system architect Joakim Skjæveland.

Knowing the “use by date”

Provys also keeps track of broadcasting rights, allowing TV companies easy access to information which will tell them whether they have the right to distribute different programmes to different platforms. The system also makes it easy to find out what you have “in storage”, and what needs to be used before the rights run out.

The way the system has been implemented at TV 2 also makes it possible to keep a track of accounting details.
”The level of detail it gives you access to means that you could even go in and figure out how much you made from one particular episode of one particular show,” says Jørgen Scheel.

Long-running cooperation

Mediability has delivered a range of solutions for TV 2 over many years. Earlier in 2016 the company implemented Europe’s first IP-based playout centre at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Bergen.
This has been an important part of what is the TV company’s largest ever reorganisations. By implementing Provys, Mediability has helped TV 2 take another major and important step towards becoming one of Europe’s most modern and efficient broadcasters.

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