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In 2021, Danske Bank invested in a studio production rig, used it actively in marketing, and engaged employees, customers, and partners. Anders Oskar Bråthen, Commercial Transformation Lead, Danske Bank, has built the technology around the new studio in Trondheim.

“We set ourselves to deliver professional video productions and live broadcasts from our studio over the Internet. Technical solutions had to be efficient, scalable and easy to use, from the bank’s Norwegian head office in Trondheim, and with the possibility of remote control from other locations, ”says Bråthen.

Meeting customers and employees in new ways

At the core of Danske Bank’s strategy is a vision to be a strategic advisor to its customers. Even before the pandemic, Danske Bank saw the opportunity to use live video productions as part of this strategy. It provided an entirely new platform to meet both customers and employees.

In the spring of 2020, Danske Bank launched an ambitious project to upgrade existing facilities in Norway and build new studios in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki. How should the bank use advanced technology for live images and live to stream, to reach more people with their knowledge and message?


Anders O. Bråthen, Commercial Transformation Lead, Danske Bank

The work of finding the right partner and technology platform began. All studios had to be linked for remote productions from any location, with no requirements for technical personnel in the studios. To simplify the control, the bank automated most of the production, such as light control, camera control, screens, sound, and more. 

Requirements for technology and infrastructure

In consultation with Mediability as the chosen supplier of technical equipment and installation, the choice fell on NewTek TriCaster as the production system for video and live broadcasts from the studio. 

  • To put in place reliable technical solutions with good customer support and support from suppliers.
  • To build studio infrastructure that does not require large bandwidths
  • It could be remotely controlled from several of the bank’s locations to produce and send live video streams from one city to another
  • Base technical setup on network-based technology instead of traditional broadcast and SDI technology. This ensures lower costs, systems that are easier to set up and expand when needed
  • Choose technology that provides flexibility without requiring a lot of “boxes” for connection, conversion, transitions, etc.
  • Install a camera rig with built-in PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and which can be programmed for easy control from the manufacturer/user

“We were looking for a partner in Norway and the rest of the Nordic region who could deliver the right technical solutions for us and also work closely with our team in the project’s planning phase, during the construction of the studio, for the technical implementation and training. The choice fell on Mediability,” says Bråthen.

Mediability was involved from the start of the project at Danske Bank and worked closely with the bank to map their needs and to be able to recommend the right technical solutions for the bank. The choice fell on the NewTek TriCaster solution as a production system for Danske Bank with NDI infrastructure in as many stages as possible to ensure cost efficiency, good utilisation of bandwidth and user-friendliness.

We were looking for a partner in Norway and the rest of the Nordic region. They could deliver the right technical solutions for us and work closely with our team in the project’s planning phase, during the studio’s construction, for the technical implementation and training. The choice fell on Mediability,” says Bråthen.

Choice of technical solutions at Danske Bank

Mediability worked closely with the bank from project start to delivery as a partner and supplier of technology, installation and training. Danske Bank followed recommendations from Mediability and chose NewTek TriCaster as the central production system, with full NDI support and opportunities to automate work processes.

Some of the technical solutions at the bank (note that URLs navigate to Mediability’s online shop for Norway):

  • Production system for recording and live: 3 pcs NewTek TriCaster TC410 system and 2 pcs TriCaster TC1 system. See technical specification for TC410 here and TC1 here
  • Studio Camera: 14 pcs NewTek PTZUHD Camera. See specification here
  • Camera tripod: 14 pcs Libec TH-X. See specification here.
  • Signal conversion from HDMI sources to NDI with BirdDog. See specification of BirdDog Mini HDMI to NDI Encoder / Decoder here.
  • Sound mixing from Yamaha

“The TriCaster and NDI setup for our studio has proven to be a very flexible solution in producing and broadcasting live from several of the bank’s locations. With NDI HX, we have put in place a setup that is both cost-effective in terms of bandwidth and user-friendly, which were important factors for us in choosing technical solutions, ”says Bråthen.

What is NDI?

NDI is a high-quality, low-latency IP video transmission standard developed by NewTek. The live streaming industry has adopted this standard protocol in various products and software. Read about the NDI standard and use areas on NewTek's website here. 

What is NDI|HX?

NDI | HX is the latest "High Efficiency" version of NDI that has been optimised to open up for a connection of new devices using built-in h.264 compression chips. This allows multiple hardware devices to support the NDI standard. 

“The benefits of NewTek TriCaster and NDI as a technology platform for our studio rig have primarily been on the network and infrastructure side. Several boxes for handling signal conversion and transitions between different devices have now been replaced with a production system that connects everything in a seamless experience. We now only need to connect our PCs to the production system with a simple cable, and everything works”, says Bråthen.

About Danske Bank

Danske Bank provides services to private and corporate customers from 17 branches in Norway. The bank has grown through mergers with local and regional banks in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and today has over 22,000 employees. The head office in Norway is located in Trondheim. Read more about Danske Bank on the website here.

About Mediability

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